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  • Category: Web development
  • Python Project
  • Project URL: github

This Python Django college administration system project is primarily concerned with managing student-staff information. In addition, the system uses graphical representations to display selected overall data. In addition, the system allows you to manage students' attendance. Clearly, this project is separated into three categories: student, staff, and administrative panel. In an overview of this online application, a student may easily check and edit his or her profile. Initially, an administrator is responsible for student registration. In reality, he/she must submit personal and login information. A student may, however, examine their attendance record for any course they are enrolled in. Students can also apply for leave days and see their previous leave histories. Additionally, students may read notifications from the college administration and submit comments to the administrator.

Available Features:
Staff Panel
Student Panel
Admin Panel
Manage Course, Subject, Session
Student Management
Staff/Teacher Management
Student Attendance Management
Update User Profile
Exam Result Management
Send Notifications
View Notifications
Present and Absent Percentage
Student Leave Management
Staff Leave Management
Send Feedback

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